Perhaps one of the main references of the State is the River Oiapoque. Who doesn’t know the expression from the Oiapoque to Chuí? The river has the estuary in the extreme north of the Brazilian coast and it is always used to describe the remote points of Brazil. The landscape dominating the region – 90 percent of the area – is the huge green of the Amazonian rain forest. Unexplored forests dominate 70 percent of its territory.


The capital, Macapá, has a center of French culture, teaching french to almost 2,000 people. The reason is the proximity and relations that Amapá has with the bordering French Guyana, on the north of the State. Another attraction is the imaginary Equator line dividing the hemispheres North and South. The only way to reach Macapá is by boat or airplane.

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Hilton Belém Hotel – Av. Presidente Vargas 882
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