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Amazon Ecopark Lodge
Margens do Rio Tarumã, 1 hora de Manaus
Manaus AM, Brasil
Tel: +55 (92) 9146 0594 / 9146 0595 / 9117 1700
Fax: +55 (92)

Amazon Eco park is a touristic, scientific and educational property, created and directed by the private initiative. It has been established since 1991 and as a Lodge since 1995. Located in Rio Tarumã – a tributary of Rio Negro-approximately one hour from Manaus airport, in the middle of the Amazon Forest. It includes uncatalogued species in virgin rainforest, natural savannahs and creeks. Several streams of crystal clear warm water run through the area. Over 6 miles of jungle trails enable the client to explore the jungle, orchids and giant trees.
Accomodations: Offers 60 apartments in 20 bungalows (3 each), made of wood. The apartments entrance, porch and bathroom are completely independent, are all air conditioned, with hot shower and screened windows. Rustic, but charmingly decorated. ( lamp shade, rugs, indian style artifacts, etc).

Amazon Ecopark Lodge – Manaus – Book  | Reserve

Preços em Reais exclusivo para Brasileiros ou residentes no Brasil
(Price in Reais for Brazilians only / Precio en Reais para Brasileños)
Válido sómente para pagamentos por depósito bancário
C 2 – 02 days/dias – 01 night/noite/noche – Reserve
SGL R$ 746,00-DBL R$ 1.239,00-TPL R$ 1.797,00 (Jan 01’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL R$ 821,00-DBL R$ 1.405,00-TPL R$ 2.108,00 (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
D 1 A – 03 days/dias – 02 nights/noites/noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 1.026,00-DBL R$ 1.488,00-TPL R$ 1.999,00 (Jan 01’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL R$ 1.082,00-DBL R$ 1.689,00-TPL R$ 2.534,00 (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
E 2 – 04 days/dias – 03 nights/noites/noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 1.475,00-DBL R$ 2.118,00-TPL R$ 3.177,00 (Jan 01’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL R$ 1.658,00-DBL R$ 2.598,00-TPL R$ 3.895,00 (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)

In US Dollars: All Countries / En Dolares: Todos Países
C 2 – 02 days/dias – 01 night/noite/noche – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 452.00-DBL US$ 751.00-TPL US$ 1,126.00 (Jan 01’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL US$ 498.00-DBL US$ 852.00-TPL US$ 1,278.00 (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
D 1 A – 03 days/dias – 02 nights/noites/noches – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 622.00-DBL US$ 902.00-TPL US$ 1,212.00 (Jan 01’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL US$ 656.00-DBL US$ 1,024.00-TPL US$ 1,536.00 (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
E 2 – 04 days/dias – 03 nights/noites/noches – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 894.00-DBL US$ 1,284.00-TPL US$ 1,926.00 (Jan 01’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL US$ 1,005.00-DBL US$ 1,575.00-TPL US$ 2,361.00 (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
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Prices are per room per package and include meals. Some cities have a special Room or Environment Tax that must be paid at the hotel and is not included in our prices. After receiving your request, we will confirm prices by e-mail. Prices may change without previous notice and are not valid for direct bookings with the hotel. Prices are shown in US Dollars (US$) and Brazilian Reais (R$). Prices in Brazilian Reais (R$) are valid only for Brazilian residents and for payment by bank deposit. For Credit Card payments the prices in US dollars will be used.