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Ariaú Amazon Towers
Floresta Amazonica (2 horas de barco de Manaus)
Manaus AM, Brasil
Tel: +55 (92) 2121 5000 / 2121 5050
Fax: +55 (92) 233 5615

Ariau Amazon Towers was inaugurated in 1987 and has 288 units: apartments, suites (located in the towers) and Tarzan´s Houses. Ariau towers are interlinked by a catwalk system of approximately 8 kilometers, at the height of treetops . The access to the hotel is made by a regional boat (2 hours), helicopter (15 minutes) or by fast boat (50 minutes).
Among the facilities of the hotel there are: 2 swimming pools at the height of treetops, two observation towers of 41 meters (height), a panoramic auditorium with capacity for 450 people, fully equipped with audiovisual resources and a beautiful view of Rio Negro and the Amazon Forest; 2 restaurants, 01 bar and 01 cyber caf e. There is also a convenience store and souvenir shops.
The Ariau packages include tours within the forest, such as: canoe walk, jungle walk, piranha fishing, visit to native´s houses, observation of nightlife animals, besides full board in a wonderful restaurant (buffet style), with hot meals, several types of meat, birds, regional fish, pasta, beans, rice, soup-of-the-day, several salads, fresh homemade bread, natural juices made of Amazonian fruits, a wide selection of exotic fruits of the Amazon and sweet regional desserts.

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Preços em Reais exclusivo para Brasileiros ou residentes no Brasil
(Price in Reais for Brazilians only / Precio en Reais para Brasileños)
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ARIAU 1 – 02 days/dias – 01 night/noite/noche Reserve
SGL R$ 1.014,00-DBL R$ 1.703,00-TPL R$ No/Não (Feb 21’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL R$ 1.171,00-DBL R$ 1.960,00-TPL R$ No/Não (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
ARIAU 2 – 03 days/dias – 02 nights/noites/noches Reserve
SGL R$ 1.505,00-DBL R$ 2.360,00-TPL R$ No/Não (Feb 21’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL R$ 1.732,00-DBL R$ 2.722,00-TPL R$ No/Não (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
ARIAU 3 – 04 days/dias – 03 nights/noites/noches Reserve
SGL R$ 1.980,00-DBL R$ 2.980,00-TPL R$ No/Não (Feb 21’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL R$ 2.281,00-DBL R$ 3,430,00-TPL R$ No/Não (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)

In US Dollars: other Countries / En Dolares: otros Países
ARIAU 1 – 02 days/dias – 01 night/noite/noche Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 615.00-DBL US$ 1,032.00-TPL US$ No/Não (Feb 21’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL US$ 710.00-DBL US$ 1,188.00-TPL US$ No/Não (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
ARIAU 2 – 03 days/dias – 02 nights/noites/noches Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 912.00-DBL US$ 1,430.00-TPL US$ No/Não (Feb 21’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL US$ 1,050.00-DBL US$ 1,650.00-TPL US$ No/Não (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
ARIAU 3 – 04 days/dias – 03 nights/noites/noches Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 1,200.00-DBL US$ 1,806.00-TPL US$ No/Não (Feb 21’11-Dec 31’11)
SGL US$ 1,383.00-DBL US$ 2,079.00-TPL US$ No/Não (Jan 01’12-Dec 31’12)
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