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Colonna Park Othon
Praia de João Fernandes
Armação dos Búzios RJ, Brasil
Tel: +55 (22) 2623 2245
Fax: +55 (22) 2623 2923

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Between the blue which mixes with the sky and the sea, all the charm and refinement of an international-class hotel, built over a hill and emerging onto the sea, distinguished by an Italian architecture majestic and sophisticated. Located at the end of the Buzios peninsula, COLONNA PARK HOTEL has a spectacular panoramic view. Whith its crystalline waters and incomparable beauty, the famous beaches of JOÃO FERNANDES and JOÃO FERNANDINHO make up an exclusive scenery surrounded by exceptional tropical green, creating a magic and enchantment typical of Armação dos Búzios. Prepared to comply with all yearnings, we have various leisure options from swimming pool with bar service, dry sauna and steam bath, a park for the children, games room, as well as facilities for car rental, diving equipment, motor boats, jet-skis, schooner rides and anything else which you might imagine.

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Preços em Reais exclusivo para Brasileiros ou residentes no Brasil
(Price in Reais for Brazilians only / Precio en Reais para Brasileños)
Válido sómente para pagamentos por depósito bancário – Reserve
SGL R$ 216,00 – DBL R$ 246,00 – TPL R$ 324,00 (Apr 11’07 / Dec 23’07)
SGL R$ 246,00 – DBL R$ 276,00 – TPL R$ 354,00 (Apr 11’07 / Dec 23’07)

In US Dollars: other Countries / En Dolares: otros Países – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 108.00 – DBL US$ 123.00 – TPL US$ 162.00 (Apr 11’07 / Dec 23’07)
SGL US$ 123.00 – DBL US$ 138.00 – TPL US$ 177.00 (Apr 11’07 / Dec 23’07)

Prices are per room per night and include breakfast. Some cities have a special Room or Environment Tax that must be paid at the hotel and is not included in our prices. After receiving your request, we will confirm prices by e-mail. Prices may change without previous notice and are not valid for direct bookings with the hotel. Prices are shown in US Dollars (US$) and Brazilian Reais (R$). Prices in Brazilian Reais (R$) are valid only for Brazilian residents and for payment by bank deposit. For Credit Card payments the prices in US dollars will be used.

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