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Copacabana Palace
Avenida Atlântica 1702 – Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brasil
Tel: +55 (21) 2548 7070
Fax: +55 (21) 2235 7330

The Hotel, which occupies an area of over 12.000 square meters of some of the most expensive and sought after real estate in Brazil, has 225 bedrooms and suites, 147 of which in the main building and 78 suites in the Annex (tower wing building) which was added to the hotel in 1948 and fully sound proofed in 1992. From 1991 to 1995 the Tower Building and the Main Building were completely renovated and modernized. A new Executive floor (5th floor), which holds 26 rooms and suites and the 6th floor with 7 Penthouse suites were added to the hotel.
The Copacabana Palace is superbly located: it faces the famous Copacabana Beach and yet is only minutes from the centre of Rio. The hotel is located eight miles from the domestic airport, Santos Dumont, and 20 miles from Rio de Janeiro’s international airport, Tom Jobim.
The Copacabana Palace has 226 bedrooms and suites, 148 in the main building and 78 in the Tower Wing. Suites face either the sea or Copacabana Avenue. The 5th floor Executive rooms and suites all benefit from a range of exclusive facilities and an Executive lounge, where snacks and drinks are served throughout the day. Guest rooms are air conditioned and have international TV, VCR and direct dial telephones. The 6th floor Penthouse suites feature works of art, exotic carpets and French fabrics – just some of the details which make the 6th floor the perfect place for those who understand about stylish living and are ‘flying down to Rio’. The Copacabana Palace boasts a magnificent semi-Olympic size swimming pool, without doubt the finest in Rio, and the only roof-top tennis court in the city. The hotel also offers a new Fitness Centre and a Beauty Salon. Water sports nearby include surfing and jet-skiing. It is also possible to cruise and snorkel around the offshore islands as well as play golf, beach volleyball and other sports.

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Preços em Reais exclusivo para Brasileiros ou residentes no Brasil
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SGL R$ 622,00 – DBL R$ 687,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (May 02’08 / Jul 30’08)
SGL R$ 663,00 – DBL R$ 728,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (Jul 31’08 / Oct 31’08)
SGL R$ 663,00 – DBL R$ 728,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (May 02’08 / Jul 30’08)
SGL R$ 704,00 – DBL R$ 768,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (Jul 31’08 / Oct 31’08)
SGL R$ 837,00 – DBL R$ 900,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (Feb 06’08 / Oct 31’08)

In US Dollars: All Countries / En Dolares: Todos Países
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SGL US$ 415.00 – DBL US$ 458.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (May 02’08 / Jul 30’08)
SGL US$ 442.00 – DBL US$ 485.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (Jul 31’08 / Oct 31’08)
SGL US$ 442.00 – DBL US$ 485.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (May 02’08 / Jul 30’08)
SGL US$ 469.00 – DBL US$ 512.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (Jul 31’08 / Oct 31’08)
SGL US$ 558.00 – DBL US$ 600.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (Feb 06’08 / Oct 31’08)

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