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Guanavenas Jungle Lodge
Ilha de Silves (200 Km de Manaus)
Manaus AM, Brasil
Tel: +55 (92) 656 1500 / 656 8740
Fax: +55 (92) 238 1211

The most beautiful spectacle is that one shown by the nature!
GUANAVENAS it is a complex built up to provide you an exquisite journey to the heart of the Rainforest, the most exotic place and the largest ecological system in the entire world. Here in our facilities you can enjoy all the infrastructure you ever imagined found in this little paradise inside the jungle. All that comfort of a five stars hotel you can find here and also have contact with nature, living a quite experience you will never forget.
To visit the Amazon means to try the magic and the mystery of a Region that has the largest River (Amazon) and the biggest Tropical Forest of the world. It is considered the most important ecological sanctuary of the planet, with its countless and important wild species (fauna and flora). Guanavenas Jungle Lodge is located in the heart of the Amazon, a lake, igarapés, surround it and is inside the jungle. It has 70 (seventy) triple apartments all with the same comfort level, air-conditional and private bathroom (hot/cold shower). The lodge has also a restaurant that offers delicious regional food (self-service), beyond 02 (two) swimming pools, game room, leisure grass camp and an observation tower with 30 (thirty) meters of height and telephonic cabin (local and international calls). In the Amazon is the unique in his category.

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Preços em Reais exclusivo para Brasileiros ou residentes no Brasil
(Price in Reais for Brazilians only / Precio en Reais para Brasileños)
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TUCANO – 03 days/dias – 02 nights/noites/noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 869,00-DBL R$ 1.343,00-TPL R$ 1.012,00 (Jan 01’07-Dec 29’07)
ARARA – 04 days/dias – 03 nights/noites/noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 1.020,00-DBL R$ 1.635,00-TPL R$ 2.457,00 (Jan 01’07-Dec 29’07)
GARÇA – 05 days/dias – 04 nights/noites/noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 1.254,00-DBL R$ 2.115,00-TPL R$ 3.169,00 (Jan 01’07-Dec 29’07)

In US Dollars: All Countries / En Dolares: Todos Países
TUCANO – 03 days/dias – 02 nights/noites/noches – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 488.00-DBL US$ 754.00-TPL US$ 1,130.00 (Jan 01’07-Dec 29’07)
ARARA – 04 days/dias – 03 nights/noites/noches – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 573.00-DBL US$ 918.00-TPL US$ 1,380.00 (Jan 01’07-Dec 29’07)
GARÇA – 05 days/dias – 04 nights/noites/noches – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 704.00-DBL US$ 1,188.00-TPL US$ 1,780.00 (Jan 01’07-Dec 29’07)
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