At the left edge of the Rio Amazonas, it is crossed by the imaginary Equator line.

It has wide and plain streets, with few high buildings.

The only way to reach the city is by boat or by airplane, what contributes for the high prices charged by hotels, gas stations and general good stores.

Macapá, Amapá, Brasil

Dedicate at least two days of your visit for the trips to the jungle.

The Health department recommends taking a vaccine against yellow fever 10 days before traveling.

Hotels in / Hotéis em / Hoteles en Macapá

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Hilton Belém Hotel – Av. Presidente Vargas 882
Preços em Reais exclusivo para Brasileiros ou residentes no Brasil
(Price in Reais for Brazilians only / Precio en Reais para Brasileños)
Válido sómente para pagamentos por depósito bancário
STANDARD – Reserve
SGL R$ 746,00 – DBL R$ 763,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (Jan 01’11 / Dec 31’11)
SUPERIOR – Reserve
SGL R$ 800,00 – DBL R$ 880,00 – TPL R$ No/Não (Jan 01’11 / Dec 31’11)

In US Dollars: Other Countries / En Dolares: Todos Países
STANDARD – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 452.00 – DBL US$ 462.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (Jan 01’11 / Dec 31’11)
SUPERIOR – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 485.00 – DBL US$ 533.00 – TPL US$ No/Não (Jan 01’11 / Dec 31’11)

Macapá, Amapá, Brasil