Located in South America, Brazil is a country famous for the Amazon basin, Iguazu Falls, scenic beaches extending along Copacabana, as well as the vibrant and colorful carnival celebrations with samba music and dance. Brazil has so many things to love about so that it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world every year. Another thing you can find intriguing in Brazil is Brazilian people’s enthusiasm for gambling. Casinos and horse race betting are the most common form of gambling in this country.

So, are casinos legal in Brazil? No, they aren’t! However, you still can indulge in the games of luck if you want to. There is a list of Brazil’s best casinos where you can try your luck.

  1. Gavea Hippodrome, Rio de Janeiro

Horse race betting is a very old form of betting in Brazil, so it is not surprising to begin this list with a race course betting location like Hippodrome da Gavea in Rio de Janeiro. Gavea Hippodrome is an old race course that is about one kilometer away from the Ipanema beach. If you are a former jockey or a horse racing enthusiast, you will definitely love this place, where you can try your luck by placing bets. Moreover, the entry to Gavea Hippodrome is free with some delicious cocktails to freshen your mood at the trendy bar inside the plaza.

  1. Amambay Hotel and Casino, Ponta Pora

Amambay is a hotel chain which offers luxury casino services as well as resort chains providing unparalleled hospitality and services to visitors including casino services. Enjoy the most unique casino experience while traveling to Brazil with the combination of a cozy atmosphere, elegance, and comfort at Amambay Hotel and Casino. Try your luck at the casino and enjoy a pleasurable time at this perfect place for fun and leisure.