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Rio Mutum Pousada
140 km south of Cuiabá
Pantanal Norte MT, Brasil
Tel: +55 (65) 623 7022 (Cuiabá)
Fax: +55 (65)

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The Hotel, Pousada do Rio Mutum, is situated in the Pantanal in the region of Barao de Melgaco within one of the most beautiful areas of the Pantanal in the central state of Mato Grosso (Brazil). This region of the Pantanal is distinguished by an unusual variety of landscapes integrating hills, lakes, rivers and grassy plains. The Hotel Pousada do Rio Mutum lies, as its name indicates, on the river Mutum, shortly before it terminates into the two “great lakes”, of witch the lager and famous one is called Baia de Chacorore, having a diameter of more than 15 km and is easily accessibly from the hotel.
Pousada do Rio Mutum gives you the opportunity to stay in the middle of the nature including a large variety of wild animals in a secure, comfortably and private setting. Explore with us this unique eco-system in our “charming hotel” were our friendly staff makes our lodge a very special and unique experience. Our cozy chalets are private and located in a natural garden setting. Besides the beauty of nature you will be ably to relax and enjoy great moments and in our pool area after your daily tours into the Pantanal jungle.
The Pousada do Rio Mutum features 16 fully climatized apartments with private porches and bathrooms with hot and cold water; frigobar, Full kitchen with wide variety choice of regional dishes; A swimming pool with bar; Numerous activities and tours to observe see and explorer the exuberant wildlife of the Pantanal; A small souvenir shop; An airstrip for small airplanes.

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Pcte 3 dias/2 noites / Pqte 3 días/2 noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 1.638,00 – DBL R$ 1.962,00 – TPL R$ 2.808,00 (May 30’08 / Dec 31’08)
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SGL R$ 2.030,00 – DBL R$ 2.511,00 – TPL R$ 3.564,00 (May 30’08 / Dec 31’08)
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Pcte 6 dias/5 noites / Pqte 6 días/5 noches – Reserve
SGL R$ 2.805,00 – DBL R$ 3.510,00 – TPL R$ 4.913,00 (May 30’08 / Dec 31’08)

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SGL US$ 1,353.00 – DBL US$ 1,674.00 – TPL US$ 2,376.00 (May 30’08 / Dec 31’08)
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SGL US$ 1,660.00 – DBL US$ 2,060.00 – TPL US$ 2,912.00 (May 30’08 / Dec 31’08)
6 days/5 nights pkg / Pqte 6 días/5 noches – Book / Reserve
SGL US$ 1,870.00 – DBL US$ 2,340.00 – TPL US$ 3,275.00 (May 30’08 / Dec 31’08)

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