Determine the ideal time for your journey

It can be said that Brazil tourism almost goes in any season of the year. Because this place owns a beautiful landscape for each month. However, according to my Brazilian travel experience , it is still best to determine when to travel.

The reason is because the climate here is quite different from other countries. Brazil usually has a long winter starting from May and ending in November, while the summer is true in December and lasts until April next year. Furthermore, every day in Brazil has a sunny day with a rainy day. When I first traveled to Brazil, I suffered a sickness due to such fluctuations.

Tìm hiểu thời tiết trước khi đến Brazil

So to avoid such situations, I recommend you to travel around February. At this time, the weather in Brazil is quite mild with a day temperature of about 25 degrees C. With neither too cold weather nor too This too hot you can visit any area of ​​Brazil.

Moreover, February is also the time when Brazil takes place many major festivals. At this time all roads in Brazil also became bustling. Activities followed by many interesting things. In which such as the Rio Carnival, the cowboy festival Festa do Peão, … Also because of so many famous festivals, in February Brazil has a sudden increase in visitors. 

Preparing the luggage for the trip is essential

Chuẩn bị tiền mặt và thẻ tín dụng đầy đủ

In my opinion, preparing for the trip is also something you need to focus on. This problem I listed in my Brazilian travel experience is because I had trouble preparing my luggage. For example, clothes that are not in line with the weather, forget an airline ticket or have no internet to use,… So in order to avoid encountering a situation like you should be prepared: