Passport is very important for every trip. So you should keep your passport carefully in your carry-on. Especially to ensure safety, you should make another copy of your passport. Or you can use a camera, mobile phone to take pictures in case you lose your passport when going to Brazil.

Travel Insurance – Insurance for safety

Travel insurance does not require you to be prepared for your trip to Brazil. However, based on the Brazilian travel experience that I have summarized, you should still be prepared. You can see it as an insurance card for your safety in every trip. In other words, when you buy travel insurance is to buy your own safety.

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Travel insurance can help you maximize in emergencies. Especially when you are sick, have lost your luggage or lost your belongings and are late for your flight. Insurance companies even support and pay for you when you have an accident.

Ticket booking

Flights current Brazil travel if you want to book quite simply. However, you should not be too subjective and then regret the unexpected problems. Because in fact, I have been in the situation of “laughing to tears” with the plane ticket.

I remember Brazil being the first destination in my first overseas trip. Just because I thought it was easy to book tickets online, so I was busy preparing other luggage. And then in the end I have to accept to book tickets at a higher price than the companions.

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So with your Brazilian travel experience you should not make the same mistake. Best to have a specific plan on time to book flights. If possible, you can consider when the airline promotes to hunt for tickets. Or the most sure way is to book your ticket about 2-3 months in advance.