Comfort Hotel Nova Paulista

First, according to me, one of the ideal accommodation you can choose is Comfort Hotel Nova Paulista. Although this place is not too luxurious, the service quality is very good. You can fully enjoy the rest after the day of the tour. 

Especially if you want to save on travel expenses, the hotel is the perfect choice. Room rates here are often updated quite attractive with the number less than 70USD.

Tryp Nacoes Unidas

According to my Brazilian travel experience, Tryp Nacoes Unidas is the ideal place to stay. I have also booked a hotel room for my most recent trip. And I am really satisfied with the quality of the hotel. So if you are looking for accommodation while traveling here, the hotel is a suggestion.

You only need to spend about 90 – 98 USD to enjoy the classy space at the hotel.

Clarion Hotel Faria Lima Sao Paulo

This hotel is known for its extremely good quality. Especially, as I know that the hotel has been in the top for many years when it attracts many tourists.

So if you do not know where when traveling in Sao Paulo, do not miss the hotel. You just need to spend less than 120 USD to book. From there to fully enjoy moments of relaxation at the hotel with many attractive services.

The stunning archipelago of Fernando De Noronha

The islands in Brazil are not few but perhaps rare places as special as Fernando De Noronha. Just one visit to the archipelago, you will be completely captured by its beauty.

The beauty of Fernando De Noronha is very distinctive. Wild beauty but full of charm. Especially the atmosphere in the islands is very strange. It can seemingly dispel all the frustrations and sorrows in your mind. Just take a breath and take your eyes off to see the emerald green color of the seawater.

Yet the attraction of the archipelago remains in the ecosystem. If you love exploring marine life, the archipelago is the ideal destination. 

Rio De Janeiro

The next destination that I think you should not miss is Rio De Janeiro. Just coming here you will have the opportunity to experience and make a mark with beautiful memories. In which, a series of very famous activities here such as:

  • Visiting Christ the Redeemer Cristo Redentor
  • Attend the Carnival
  • Beach tourism Copacabana
  • Explore the old town Art Escadaria Selaron.

Iguazu waterfall

It will be a pity for those who come to Brazil but do not visit the Iguazu Falls. Saying that so you can know how great the attraction of this natural wonder is.

Once you come here, surely you will not have the heart to move to the next destination in the Brazilian tourist itinerary. Simply because the beauty of the waterfall is compared to a masterpiece. From the powerful image of flowing streams to romantic landscapes on both sides. All republics create a beauty that can hold visitors.