The Amazon Rainforest offers a lot of fascinating attractions. While visiting and exploring the forest, you can find oxbow lakes, clay licks, tall emergent trees, canopy towers, and the mysterious cloud forests on the side of the Andes. Differing in climate and altitude, they are home to a brand new set of animals and plants.

The Amazon River

For many people, the Amazon River is a main attraction of Amazonia. It is found between Coca in Ecuador through to Belem in Brazil where it flows out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the Amazon River, you can visit the ports including Coca, Leticia, Iquitos, Manaus, Tefe, and Belem. The Amazon River is best-explored on an Amazon Rainforest adventurous trips from these port cities, such as the Amazon River tours from Iquitos in northern Peru taking you into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve’s incredible flooded forest.

Oxbow Lakes

Oxbow lakes are the places where tributaries of the Amazon River once flowed but have changed direction, sometimes leaving behind oxbow-shaped bodies of water that is known as oxbow lakes. The oxbow lakes are very attractive for various animals and plants drawn by the water.

On oxbow lakes tours, you can see a lot of different animals, including the favorites Amazon animals such as black caiman crocodilians, giant river otters, giant Arapaima fish, water birds, and land-living animals visiting the lakes. You can see the strange hoatzin birds, one of the most common animals around the oxbow lakes. They are a chicken-sized bird which digest good by fermentation in a similar way to cows. Strangely, every young hoatzin bird is born with a claw that is used not only to cut through the shell of the egg but also to climb through the thick lake-side vegetation.

The oxbow lakes are often surrounded by palms, ideal nesting habitat for scarlet macaws and other parrots. Therefore, you can often see different macaw parrots while walking around the lakes, too.