Brazil is known as a tourist paradise – saying so is no exaggeration to be able to once immerse yourself in the bustling festival, jubilant here, meet dynamic, fun Brazilian people, visit the Attractions, lying on the beach,…

Brazil’s full name is the Federal Republic of Brazil. The official capital of Brazil is Brazilia. The largest city is Sao Paulo. Geographic location is the largest country in South America and has a common border with all South American countries except Chile and Ecuado, divided into two regions, Brazil, Southern Highlands and the Amazon Amazon River in the north.

Cẩm nang du lịch Brazil, Rio de Janeiro từ A đến Z | VIETRAVEL

Being a colony of Portugal within 3 centuries, the language, culture, architecture and cultural life are mainly influenced by the country of Portugal. This is the only Portuguese speaking country in the Americas so it has made this language one of its own characteristics. Brazilians are mostly Christians. The country also has the largest Christian community in the world. In addition, a multi-racial country with many cultural colors, Brazil is also influenced of many other ethnic groups. Native Americans have influenced Brazil’s vocabulary and cuisine, while African-Americans, who were brought to Brazil as slaves before, have an important influence on music and the dances of this country. In the 19th and 20th centuries, influx of immigrants from Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, the Middle East came to Brazil and established large communities living together in cities, creating The background is unique and focused mainly in southern Brazil.

Cẩm nang du lịch Brazil, Rio de Janeiro từ A đến Z | VIETRAVEL

When should Brazil travel?

The average temperature in Brazil is about 25 degrees Celsius quite pleasant, high humidity. However, in hot summers the temperature can rise to 40 degrees Celsius. Because it is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons will be opposite to the northern hemisphere – summers will fall in December – April, winter in May. 5 – November.

The best time to visit in Brazil is in February when Carnaval street festivals are held throughout Brazil. However, at this time the price of air tickets, hotels will also increase dramatically. If you plan to travel to Brazil on a budget, exploring Brazil’s scenic spots and culinary delights in the low season is also a good idea.

Experiences not to be missed

The people of Brazil are very open, friendly and always lively creating a sense of fullness of life for this place – a great first impression when first coming here. Moreover, Brazil has a very informal way of greeting by kissing the cheek of the opposite person you should try. It’s no exaggeration to say that Brazil is a tourist paradise when coming here in February with the most jubilant Carnaval street festival on the planet and Reveillon celebrating the New Year. In addition, the country has countless other festivals taking place throughout the year such as regional festivals, the city’s art promotion program, festivals and religious ceremonies. In the North East, concerts on squares, big and small festivals are held year round year.

Accommodation and cuisine

Often you will choose cheap motels and hotels to save money for the trip but besides that will be accompanied by troubles such as noisy, unhygienic, safe … so follow me, you should choose pousada – at the home of the locals with a reasonable price, more clean and be close and learn the culture of the Brazilian people.

What gift to buy home?

Once in Brazil, you buy Havaianas sandals – which sounds silly, but Brazil is home to the famous Havaianas sandals around the world and the feeling of buying in Brazil is definitely better or you can buy. Special Cachaca cocktails are extracted from rum of the same name, Cachaca, Lemon and Sugar.