Brazil is the country that ranked highly on the majority of bucket lists due to its exotic imagery. However, visitors are usually unsure of what they should and shouldn’t do in Brazil because it is a tropical destination on one hand, meanwhile a dangerous nation on the other. To help you to clear up any doubts, here are the top things you shouldn’t do in Brazil.

Don’t leave your bag on the floor

There are some considerable reasons for this. Firstly, leaving your bag on the floor is considered as bad luck in this nation. Secondly, Brazil has several species of tropical creepy-crawlies and one of them could crawl over or into your bag. Thirdly, leaving your bag on the floor means putting it at risk of being robbed since it’s very easy for someone to pick up and run off with it without your noticing. Whether you believe or not, you will get warned if you leave your bag on the floor in Brazil.

Don’t walk around with valuables

Brazil has had a tough time being portrayed in a negative light when it comes to murder and crime rates. It tends to mostly happen in drug-gang areas or poorer areas, the places that are not the major tourist spots. In fact, almost all visitors leave Brazil without any unlucky incidents, however, it is best to do what you can to avoid assaults and muggings. You should avoid using your phone in the street, leave your valuable jewelry at home, and wear bags that cross over the body.

Don’t leave without trying Brazilian food

Leaving Brazil without trying the local dishes means you would have really missed out. You should try dozens of uniquely Brazilian foods such as steaming hot pão de queijo (cheese bread) for breakfast or hearty feijoada (a bean and meat stew) for dinner.