Lencois Maranhenses National Park

Lencois Maranhenses National Park is a famous tourist destination in Brazil attracting tourists to visit. Visiting this park, you will discover a unique ecosystem, in the rainy season the valleys at Lencois Maranhenses contain sand dunes in freshwater swamps to prevent water from impervious to below. That has created turquoise lakes among beautiful white sand dunes. To move to Lencois Maranhenses Park, you can take a flight to the capital São Luís, then take a jeep to.

Gramado, Serra Gaúcha

Gramado, Serra Gaucha are among the most popular destinations in Brazil, featuring German architecture. Explore the metropolis of Gramado, Serra Gaucha you cannot miss such fascinating places as: Gramado Zoo, the road of Agritourism, the small world, the Black Lake. You will be immersed in the bustling and modern space but equally peaceful of Gramado, Serra Gaucha. If you are looking for a tourist destination with a unique and quiet architecture, then Gramado, Serra Gaucha is the ideal destination.

Paraty, Costa Verde

What to play in Brazil ? Paraty, Costa Verde is a small coastal town in the Paraty waters located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Paraty, Costa Verde impresses visitors with its long coastline, clear blue sea and mountain scenery. Paraty, Costa Verde is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters, including famous places such as Jatinga Ecological Reserve, Serra da Bocaina National Park, Tamo Ios Ecological Station, Paraty Bay. In Paraty, there is a village of indigenous African-Brazilian people living where you can visit and learn about the life and culture of the people here.

Museu do Amanhã, Rio de Janeiro

Museu do Amanhã, Rio de Janeiro is also known as Tomorrow museum designed by a Spanish architect. Tomorrow Museum has a total area of about 5000m2, impressing visitors with extremely unique architecture located on the Pier Mau River, Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. The museum became a tourist attraction, with its long and slim roof jutting out over Praca Mau. The museum consists of 2 floors, the first floor is the research, administration, education, engineering, souvenir area and the second floor is the exhibition area with a panoramic view of Guanabara Bay.